6 Great Tools to Secure Your WordPress Website and Keep It Running

Security and protection for your website is always important, and even more so if your site use WordPress like mine do. WordPress makes up at least 20% of the websites on the world wide web now, and the percentage could be greater. While 20% isn’t the majority, it is more than enough to make WordPress a common target for attacks. WordPress itself is a secure content management system, but when left un-updated, it’s prone to attack.

WordPress core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates are important. In addition, here are are 6 plugins that will help guard your site even more against attacks! […]

Cutting Through The Noise: Part 1. Intro


Introducing a new series from Joey Cagle

You try and try and try, and it seems no matter what, no one hears you! No one is listening to what you try to sell, or the information that you want to give out. So you give up.

But wait before you give up! There are things you can do to cut through the noise! It’s not easy, and it takes a bit of commitment and hard work. But over time, you will cut through the noise and people will listen to you. […]

Why do author websites fail?

You’ve probably seen it before. Someone you know from your church, business, or club writes a book, and has a website made. Two or three years down the line, however, the site is either not maintained or it’s no longer up.

I’ve had a similar experience with the very first author website I did (as well as other clients I’ve had, so this really doesn’t just apply to authors). What happened? […]

Don’t ask “How much do you charge to build a website?”. Wrong question!

At one time, I had a quote request form on my website. I’ve stopped that because a lot of people are just shopping for the lowest price on a website. Now of course it was great for people who were price shopping and wanting to get the lowest price on a website. I would get requests Read more about Don’t ask “How much do you charge to build a website?”. Wrong question![…]

Facebook ads: Don’t make it about the “likes”

Recently, I posted 3 tips to drive traffic to your website. Keep in mind, I was talking about driving traffic to your site, not to your Facebook page, necessarily.

It’s ok if you have a lot of likes on your Facebook page. In fact, it may help add some credibility. Beware, however, that many of your Facebook likes can be fake. If you’re paying for Facebook ads to get likes, even if you’re buying them through Facebook, you often times end up with many fake likes. Check out this video for some information on this. Keep in mind, I don’t agree with every single thing said in this video, but it brings up some good points.


“You should go into business for yourself…”

you_should_go_into_business_for_yourself At one point I was trying to get back into a ministry school in Redding, California. Yes, I was wanting to be a youth pastor for some time. Things have changed since then and I’ve lost interest. But I had, of course, been to college previously for website and graphic design.

Redding, California is a smaller city in northern California. To be honest, there wasn’t much work there unless you were into nursing or caretaking. If you were lucky, you may also get a retail job, which I tried to get but failed. In my field, there wasn’t much for me there. […]