What Joey Cagle Does For You!

Taking You Higher!

Joey’s goal is to take you higher with your online business needs. If you need a better website design that’s easier for your customers, or you need to use social networking or other methods to drive traffic to your site, Joey can help! And if you just need to keep your site protected, up, running, and maintained, whether designed by Joey or not, Joey offers WebCare packages to meet your needs!

Website Design and Consulting

Anyone can build a website! But to build a website that meets your needs may be something you find to be a challenge. You can set up a consultation to help Joey find out your needs, and come up with a strategy to solve your online business problems.


Maintaining your website can be a chore. Using WordPress, it might not be that hard, but it’s so easy to forget to update your plugins, themes, or WordPress installation. And even if you have it set up to automatically update, things can go wrong! And what about protecting your website from hacks? You don’t have time for that! You need to take care of business! Have Joey take care of your website’s maintenance!

About Joey Cagle

Independent Website Designer and Developer

Joey Cagle has designed and developed websites since 1997, back when he was in high school. He loves to create, and that's what attracted him to computers in the first place: the fact that it's a creative tool.

The goal in creating for you is to benefit you: to take you higher! Your website should be bringing in more business and helping you accomplish your goals. If it's not, set up a consulting session to discuss your needs and how Joey can provide a solution for you.

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